Suspension Status…

As of now (16th April), the site’s main hosting account is still suspended.
From our own pockets and including your donations, we tried to pay the entire bill. We’re currently just about half-way and we’re still trying to clear up the rest. We DID try to ask the host to bring the site back, it DID come back online, but it was shut down again after 24hours because the host changed their minds and said that we’re too much risk. The only way to bring the main site back, is to drop the bill to $0 (zero dollars).

As UMD is now running on a tiny back-up server, this unfortunately means:
- Audiopages are OFF, as they don’t work.
- UMD Forums is only open for Site Editors. (UMD Forums doesn’t work properly)
- Audio updates may be SLOW (we’re busy trying to get the main site back online)
- The site’s design uses an old style. (The real NEW UMD is offline, obviously)
- All other special features of the site are turned off. (They all don’t work.)
- “Searching” is turned off (The Search Box doesn’t work.)
- “Comments” are turned off (They’ll get lost, as they won’t be saved on this tiny server)

PLEASE NOTE: If this tiny back-up server uses too many resources, the other host will ask us to close down this site and display that “white/grey” page again. (That ‘suspension’ page you’ve been seeing for days)

Site Donators

Once again, thank you to those who have made their contributions to the site via Donations, your names are displayed in a black box at the top of the site^ ^. As soon as the REAL UMD comes back online, we will email every single one of you personally.


The site was suspended again…

You’ve probably noticed much of the site isn’t working properly, as the host has suspended us again, due to bills not being paid again. As the screenshot below will show:

(Click to expand image)

At this point, there isn’t any need for us to beg the host for extra time, as we’ve pissed them off too many times. So what does this mean?
It now means UMD doesn’t come online until the bill drops to ZERO US Dollars. Right now we owe them over $1,200 USD.

You probably notice there was less annoying adverts on the site, and we removed the pop-ups, to make the site cleaner. As a consequence, that meant the advertisers were paying us much less than before. To make matters even worse, about 50% of you have AdBlockers installed your browsers, which block adverts from showing up, so that meant we made even much less. So we ended up with much less revenue to even cover one month’s rent for the host.
It’s not anyone’s fault that they block adverts on the site, or because they demanded we display LESS ads and get rid of the pop ups, but the truth is, serving millions of you every month is not easy.

But how come this homepage is online?
Please click here to read why (link opens in new window)

So what happens next ?
We will try to pay the entire bill of $1200 from our pockets, but that probably would take us a couple weeks! So, as much we’d hate to say this but don’t expect UMD to be back online the next day. Yes, we know that’s a huge figure, but we will try.

So what about PayPal donations ?
It’s 2014, we really hoped that we wouldn’t ask for donations again. We don’t like asking for money, but we know some of you already insisted we allow donations.
For those who donated in the past, we really appreciated that! We still know all your names, so you ain’t forgotten
For those who want to donate now, we also appreciate that and we will do all we can to bring the site back online ASAP.

Please Note!

Just a reminder!
UMD is currently running from a "BACK-UP" host. This means the site will crash anytime. Please refer to the homepage news, for more info.