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BSB Vol. 3
Troy Ave

Troy Ave – BSB Vol. 3

Troy Ave and BSB connect with DJ Holiday to give us volume 3 of the ‘BSB’ mixtape series. This one features a collection of original tracks and KeyMixes, with contributions coming from Mistah F.A.B., Wyclef Jean, Harry Fraud, Scram Jones, Young Lito and more.

01. I Know Why You Mad
02. Hot Out
03. Perfect Love
04. No New Friends (KEYMiX)
05. OH NO
06. No Half Steppin
07. Talk About It (Ft. Mista Fab)
08. Paid In Full
09. La Vida Loca
10. April Showers (Ft. Wyclef & Sadeck Jean)
11. Interlude Service Announcement
12. Price Is White
13. When I Feel Like It (KEYMiX)
14. TapOut (KEYMiX)
15. Pain
16. Broner Malignaggi
17. Bad (KEYMiX)
18. F#cK Da Bull$HiT
19. Lotus Powder Bomb (KEYMiX)
20. Wu Tang
21. Like Me (Ft. Dez)
22. Man In The Mirror (Ft. Bootleg Key & Young Lito)
23. Powder Trip (KEYMiX)
24. Drug Game
25. I Got You