• User Playlists: Yes that’s right, it has finally come to life!
  1. marius says:

    This is great! Look forward to try it out once I get home from work :D

  2. mauricio says:

    its great, now i can listen my favorite songs without donwloads :D

  3. kafkaclown says:

    It’s a great thing!

  4. Chinubirdie says:

    Changes gud! some update needs in sum periods of tym.
    UMD continue for improvement…….
    Great cherrs team;)

  5. Chinubirdie says:

    great cheers team
    continue improvement…

  6. chicoo says:

    love everything on this site! keep up the GREAT work. you all rock!!!!!

  7. Raymond Matila says:

    Its ok but when u go to play a song it takes longer for the song to load…great wrk on the site.

  8. Hawkiii says:

    dont work for me every time when i add song to playlist it says log in on forum BUT IM LOGGGGGEEEED IN -.- hope u fix it because i get pissed of

    Staff Reply: Hmm strange, we’re going to reach you via email after checking your account

  9. Kooppa says:

    it doesn’t work!! :(

    Staff Reply: Please contact us & explain the issue in detail. We can only understand technical information :)

  10. calrek says:

    Same Here, everytime I try to create a playlist, its asks me to login to the forum evern though that I am logged in and it just stops in the forum index page.

  11. xbobbie says:

    Same for me! At first I thought it was just because I was a new member but now I see others are also dealing with the problem.
    Can you please fix this! :(

  12. MatthewNguyen says:

    THIS IS REALLY GREAT!! I love the dedication and work keep it up!

  13. JaYOwNAsS says:

    This is a Greaaaat music site!

    But It would be nice If we could scroll down the songs again, then I can here it faster if it’s a good song :D

  14. jaime says:


  15. Earl says:

    Great stuff. :-)

  16. anto says:

    great music!! is excellent. i always came here!!
    Good Job

  17. mike says:


    i can access the homepage but whenever i click a link for any songs i get the following message on a white background:

    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.
    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.


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